Gone mental

Notes from my Black
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2022-06-25 12:37:20 (UTC)

Here’s a thought

When you say, “you should rest”, that should come with the promise that you will do the dishes, unload the groceries and put them away. It should come with watching over our son and feeding him or at least prepping his meals. It should come with some paved road that lets me actually not move my hand, keeps my blood pressure down and allows me to actually heal.

I’m feeling let down.

I will acknowledge that you are taking the night shift with him every night. Thank you for that. But you are on your phone most of the time. Tell your boyfriends that they need to give you a break. You have a life to actually live.

Lastly, I am truly sorry the Supreme Court is packed with patriarchal assholes. I didn’t put them there and I really REALLY don’t agree with what they have done. Both decisions this week are terrible. You know I don’t agree and I don’t feel like I should get the backlash from this. Our living off my inheritance does not equate to patriarchal beliefs. It stems from my mistrust in you and that we won’t be together. If I had more confidence in us, I’d change things… but I don’t and I won’t. You do too many things to make me feel like you are not invested in us despite your teary eyed proclamations. They are hollow because they are not backed by your actions.