Words from God / Jesus
2022-06-25 07:50:59 (UTC)

“The people will soon be engulfed with so much evil they will not know where to turn for answers.”

(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, August 16, 2012) Yes daughter, let US begin:
The tide is changing swiftly. The course of evil is moving. It is rushing. It is branching, growing, and flowing over the land like a river of death and destruction. The people will soon be engulfed with so much evil, they will not know where to turn for answers. I am the ONLY WAY to freedom, to peace, and life everlasting. I hold the keys to eternal life.

I am the ONE WHO Orchestrates salvation, WHO brings together the lost with life everlasting leading to the safe passage to GOD and eternal freedom—MY Blood Covering. There is no other way to be saved. MY Sacrifice on the cross is your free gift to free you from your sin chains, to unlock the things that bind you and hold you back from your salvation.

I am waiting by an open door—wide open. There is nothing to deter you from walking in—only the condition of your heart. You must place ME above all your other earthly pursuits. I can’t tolerate second place. Not before: money…position…family…there can be NOTHING… that comes before ME in your heart.


I am a GOD WHO Requires first place positioning in your life. All who choose everything else above their GOD will be sorely disappointed when they find themselves in a kingdom that is bereft of GOD—a dark kingdom that is empty of love, peace, safety, well- being, and replaced with terror, torment, and punishment. This is what you trade for when you fill your life with worldly pursuits above the Will of GOD: if you think any different, then you are mistaken, misled, deceived by MY enemy. HE has deceived many and most are blinded from Truth and will be led away into eternal captivity by MY enemy. He delights in destroying MY children and bringing them to eternal hell. This is his mission to kill, steal, and destroy.

Don’t let him pull you away from the Truth. Repent of your sins; come to ME in remorse and surrender. Lay it all before ME. Give ME your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Let ME fill you with MY HOLY SPIRIT and MY Light, Eternal Light.

You are wasting precious time. Don’t spend another moment outside of MY Precious Will. It is MY Will for your life. No more guesswork about your future, no more anxiety about what will happen next. Let ME give you a future and a hope. I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

MY Salvation is complete. Come bury your head on MY Shoulder. Let ME wipe away your tears and troubles. I am willing. I am MIGHTY to SAVE. Run into MY Open Arms. There isn’t a moment to lose. The gate is open. The bar is up. Fly away with your LORD when I come for MY bride.


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