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2022-06-25 01:05:37 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 8

I can feel a little tired, just have to be here in diary for today. The afternoon rain was heavy and really cools the summer wave. In Line, i explain my knowledge of money means to a girl. I would not worry to sleep later after i finish this. My fate is strong, and i am able to share life wisdom. Yet i should not boast myself, as if i am in heavans.
I believe i am fine to challenge solving problems. Hoping i am ready for the judgement. This summer night i need everyday words, to keep my dreams true. At my best is to control my tongue, so i can be ready for anything that came across life. So this is what i share in line: When ask about money, the answer can be by the Father, "I gave you your parents" if ever the parents left, do pay attaintion to the Lord Christ Jesus. Like in Taiwan is much about the Law runs in the society, but the heavens have no death, and sins. If ever the money is gone, there is church for bread. The house is clean which for no worries. In the church, the priests mention sinner feels bad, or some church the priest like you to share about between you and God.
For Buddha, fix to the righteous fruits, and believes Karma. This is it.. bed time story..