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2022-06-24 09:31:32 (UTC)

When something happens and the opportunity had a barrier.

When you try to achieve something or desperately want something, something wrong always happened in the first place. I know it happened to everyone, but when you are the protagonist of your own life then you can face this kind of feeling in every single situation. The side role one is the perfect one they always seem so perfect like they do their own thing or collect their things their life goes smoothly, ( I know you can also say that " the other side grass is always green" but everything has an exception even chemistry has many, so my life.)

Recently I read a book ( I am not finishing yet) it is " IT'S END WITH US" by COLLAR HOOVER. it is a Newyork best selling book till now and I have to read that ( Book lover always like to write) in that book the protagonist Lily and the hero we can say, Ryle, they have something like in their presence-absence, but the love triangle is the style of writing in these days. 2nd and main protagonist is the Atlas,( that shit ruined everything). Everything is going great between Lilly and Ryle but one day Atlas appears at the table as a waiter and it ruined everything.

But on another hand, Ryle had a very bad habit to hurt Lilly, which is not correct for being abusive especially when Lily was growing up in an abusive household. but the rest of the thing is at some point Lily expects something good and turns it into bad things but when Lily expects nothing and accepts what is in her destiny then the good thing happens.

In that whole story the Protagonist is ME and without Atlas also an abusive household, but yes I do have Ryle, without any kind of abusive behavior, I felt lucky about that what I have. Anyway, the writer COLLAR HOOVER writes something that is based on reality Then ALLHA also wrote my destiny like Lilly.
( at least Lilly has a business).

The whole point is my life is sucks( which I told you on my first day of writing).
even my biological system can not work as a team, as I can even have periods on time.( which is generally suck), and get frustrated easily. every time I do anything always creates a barrier. but some time later the barrier gets off and the roads were clear. when the roads were blocked that time everyone said, " keep going" or " stay positive" that time feels like " If I would slap that person I genuinely felt better,"

That's all for today's Pals, sorry for bringing frustrated at some point and being rude, but that is my real feeling it can't be helped, also I can not cheat my diary. My diary needs an honest review from me. Thanks for being here for me whoever reads my feeling.

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