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2022-06-24 07:34:47 (UTC)


Especially when the situation is unilateral: you're still hurting while the other person has long since moved on and you're barely a passing thought in their mind. On the bright side I didn't make such a fool of myself this time around. Am I still thinking about him after months of no contact, even when he has a girlfriend and plenty of other options? Yeah, of course. But hey, at least he doesn't know that. After having learned a hard lesson from my last relationship, I've been grieving in private. No begging, no letting him know how hurt I am or how much I've missed him. For all he knows I've met the man of my dreams and am living my best life. I much rather be a mystery, a blank canvas of unlimited possibility, than a needy presence circling him like a fly. In my experience men don't have much sympathy for big emotions. The more you display your pain, the weaker and more unattractive you seem. So girl, cry if you need to, but don't show a man your tears.