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2022-06-24 00:30:35 (UTC)

What's holding me back?

Threads. I can hear them popping like nerves on a tooth, back and forth... Back and forth. Excuses maybe, but afraid of this home visit for the adoption. My patience wears thin. Liars, liars, everywhere. Always a follower, never a leader. I want to be done. I need to be done.

And while I stand on this ledge, telling myself to jump, I can't even stare at the water below. I can't focus, can't think about anything but you. I can't get you out of my head. Every thought I have, I want to share with you. Everything that happens, I want to tell you. I honestly dont understand this magnetic force that's spinning me out of control.

My cheeks burn to even think about what I see when I close my eyes and imagine you with me. Am I dreaming of something that doesn't exist?

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