Experienced Life
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2022-06-23 14:38:07 (UTC)

Good enough...for now😌

So I'm assessing my life.....once again. No major complaints really. Waking up early, staying up late punishing my body. Work hard play harder. Trying to balance my life. Good thing I have a lot of friends. One lady friend is sort of being a substitute for one section of being a wifey. She knows some of my ailments and she busts me for not going to to Dr. to have it check out. One was when I ran out of gas. No rhyme or reason. I was just super duper tired. Another is when my elbow (still hurting ) is being a pain. She again nags me to see a Dr. I smile because that's what you partner in crime supposed to be telling you. I also have a friend/housekeepr that doesn't charge me much to clean my place. Another thing that a partner supposed to help you with but it's now a hired hand. When I have some deep down things to say that no one else needs to know, I got my core friends that I tell it to. Some of them can be considered borderline illegal or criminal but I can confide in them similar to the same partner in crime that you would normally have.

Anyway, I'm thinking things are ok. But is ok where I should be and should I be content with that? I gauge things by my mood when I wake and before going to bed. Always or most of the time, I'm in a mellow state of mind. I know that's good and I'm in peace but I wonder if that should be enough? I don't want to be selfish or self centered because I know there are homeless people, hungry people, people that can't make ends meet. Broken hearts. Disgruntled husbands and/or wives. Teens feeling anxiety from their issues. Yet here I am, just cruising on by yet maybe wanting more? Seems selfish at times but the thought and feeling is there so I'm not going to say I don't think it.

On a lighter note, gym class was fantastic. We had two of my fav!!! 6 stations total but we had jump ropes and punching bags for two of them. Heck yeah!!!! I just love love love love those two. I told my gym friend after class one day on how much I love punching bags and that I'm actually improving on my boxing. Not that I can kick anyone's butt but if I do get into a real flight, I will look good getting my butt kicked!! lol. My weight is inline. I've been eating some of those prepackaged frozen cauliflower stir fry that I mix with a little bit of chicken breast. That helped a lot. Cheap and easy.

Anyway, my 10 min break is almost over. Back to the grind.