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2022-06-23 21:25:31 (UTC)

.it makes the two of us; in pain and still trying.

i drew a line so perfect i couldn’t believe i did it. finally did it? what a moment. now let me tell you a little story your mama and daddy would never tell their kid. a story where nothing makes out alive, where you can physically hear pain.

there was this kid.. weird little one. tiny i would say. they were feisty, obedient, truthful and likeable. the first one needs no elaborations; life was a bitch: as simple as that. they were obedient because in case they weren’t there were millions of consequences. little ones like being grounded and bigger ones like being yelled at, beaten up and threatened to be given away. the truthful part of the kid was not a consequence of someone’s actions; it was a mere principle that stirred them away from trouble and being lost in lies. no need to make life harder than it is, right? wrong. the last adjective made their life nearly impossible. the constant need to be comfortable for others, not confusing, empty, funny, never sad, never opposing (…) and perfect. they stepped over their needs, wants and truths. they forgot what’s it like to be human like everyone else they tried to like so badly. every motion of other’s faces was the most important thing at the moment in time but you guessed it - theirs did not matter. it didn’t even matter than people around them were full of shit; never cared about them, ran away every time a kid showed they were human, treated them like a nuisance and a god at the same time. a short leash they were held by; by every person who dared to call them their friend.

i really hope this story is not familiar to You, wide-eyed bastard on the other side of the screen. i really hope you are not typing these words out and exposing the shit out of yourself. if you do… well then, you are a bigger fool than i thought. try redrawing that line you thought was so perfect, you moron. you just smudged it anyways with your stupid, salty, nasty tears. good luck and keep up the good work! chop chop!!!