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2022-06-23 16:17:14 (UTC)


First: Hi!
Second: We are going to start our interclass soon (tomorrow), and i need to confess something: i'm not ready to it. for the ones who don't know, interclass is like an olympic, but between classes (as the name says), and the category in which I will play is futsal, and i'm kinda nervous because our team isn't the best, and I'm afraid of not making it, of not playing well. my best friend (Tay) said that i'll do fine, but... what if I don't do well? What if I get scared and become inattentive? What if I get my head in the clouds and miss an important pass? well, i feel like i'm not going to do it, but i'll try my best to play and i'm sure that in the end i'll be proud of myself.
Goodbye guys! see you next time!

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