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2022-06-10 16:35:31 (UTC)

being a hypocrite

23.06.22, 1:16 PM
once, when i was very young, i asked my mom why she didn't think twice before letting me go to birthday parties and school trips.
she told me it was because she wanted me to live my life to the fullest.
but i guess now she doesn't.
yesterday, i told anna's mom to ask my mom if i could go to an event today. i knew it was going to really better my day, but she didn't let me. and i would understand if she didn't let me because of a valid reason.
but the reason she gave was just that she wanted to pick on me.
she told me it was because i didn't ask her directly, and i asked anna's mom if she could ask her. that was the reason. and she didn't let me.
but to make my day worse, i had to do a math test and the talent show got postponed.
i only want to have a good day, god.