■ Captain's Log ■
2022-06-23 18:23:57 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 7.

.. the upbeat electric music made me hyper and moves my body. It gives me focus, and fun by the fast sound and flows. So i can stay still here for more then a while. My radio station is on the internet anytime i need a muse for composition. Today, i was waiting my bank debit card in the mail, but nothing for me in the mail box. The afternoon was sleepy on the sofa, and much dreams i wonder if its important.
Matter of knowing the divine and God's way.. not for me to say. But i can tell, He is the holy judge. That for my whole life's trial i surrender. I will be strong against temptaion. The memory of my sins, i fear the Lord, and firm not to do it again. The night soon arrive as the lights dim by the windows. I stay cool and enjoy the hot summer season in my house. What more i can do for the Christ, its my heart today.. share my joy with nieghbors.