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2022-06-23 04:56:08 (UTC)


I don't know how to feel about those things since they could definitely be offensive. Yes, it was made like 8 years ago, doesn't change the fact that it's a bunch of white dudes saying that crap.
"if that was my name I'd act like a total thug"
Is that how they view black people?
I mean, initially, I'd been willing to have just forgotten the first thing they said, in that outlast video.
it was like, something osmething "like a nigga--"
I can't exactly remember. And yes, it's a bunch of drunk white dudes joking around while playing a game, but I still feel some type of way about it.
Am I offended by their usage of that word? I don't know. I'm not particularly attached to it. In fact, I've grown up in a family that doesn't use it at all but doesn't consider it a curse word either, though I've been told not to say it before as a kid.
To some black people, it most likely would be offensive. It just makes me uncomfortable.
And then the second thing they said, what I mentioned formerly, was a stereotyping.

"I have a friend named Darko."
"Is he black?"
"Oh... It would of been so much better."
then one of them went on to say, if that were my name, id act like a total thug. and wtf? why? because you stereotype black dudes as thugs? that, i find offensive, and stupid to say at all.

not sure if I'll finish that vid. turned me off (not like that). ima go watch a drama, sigh.