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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2022-06-23 08:43:48 (UTC)

Bi Directional Open Letter

Hi! I'm bisexual!

Long story short any post in my timeline on here that starts with "Bi The Way" is describing a "sexy time" experience with another man. Yes, I'm married but bc of reasons we haven't had sex in almost 10 years, so I step out with anon dudes from doublelist.com to keep the status quo, keep everything on the up-and-up...so as not to tear myself and this family apart just bc I'm not getting some.

I also Jerk Off (JO) daily to keep "the beast" at bay. Deep down I'm pretty sure she knows this. My thoughts on that are her thinking "well, he's not fucking me or anyone else so fuck it, porn is good."

Idk. I just felt the need to say all of that. Thanks for putting up with me, and yeah...!

Dad knows 22 yr old has a girlfriend. Training at work I'll get OC Sprayed, kind of. I need to cut back on carbs or I'll get diabetic.

Have a good one!