Nicky's Diary
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2022-06-23 08:19:25 (UTC)


Hey i am nicole but you can call me nicky i am from LA. 2 years ago i had a boyfriend on a guy whose very cute and i thought you liked me but he cheated on me.So i was like 17 at 2020.I dated him for like 8months and i thought he loved me,That day i was at his house i saw his phone i went through his gallery i saw some pictures of us i scroll down and i saw him with another girl and i thought "Maybe that's his cousin or sister" and after that he came back from the toilet i quickly put his phone down before he notice.The next day i was back at home and i was at the park jogging and i saw him with another girl it was my best friend amy they were kissing and i heard him said "babe i am finally happy that bitch is gone i don't even love her as much as i love you" i recorded them on my phone.I was furious so i decide that i would invite amy and my boyfriend to my house it was actually my boyfriend's birthday so i said "babe i have a present for you" then i showed everyone the video i record i said "So babe since you have a new girlfriend be happy with her and you amy you're such a snake you betrayed me" I was pretty happy that i broke up with him.
By Nicole B.