My short pointless life
2022-06-23 14:07:12 (UTC)

The future…

I know it’s late but never say never. I just got to know about this piece of software called Frame.io

And I’m excited. Is it only me who sees this. I guess so. What I see is the future. Of technology itself.

Now that software is cloud based and it helps everyone working on a film project to stay on the same page. Directors can shoot and editors can edit even before shooting. So everyone can pitch in and give feedback instantly and it’s shared by all. Brilliant. Yes.

Apple tries to do the same with its ecosystem. Android and windows fail horribly there.

But if this concept can be applied everywhere for everyone then it’s going to be a very bright tech future indeed. In the movies we see how they swipe and the data is sent to another person’s holographic screen. Shit like that.

Wonder why nobody is paying attention to this. Endless possibilities and all you fuckers want is a phone with fast charging. Cunts!