Words from God / Jesus
2022-06-23 06:18:00 (UTC)

“It is an abomination to include ME among your earthly pursuits, as if I am just another lesser god.”

(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, August 9, 2012) Susan, Yes I will give you Words:
The hour is approaching for MY Return. It comes nigh. MY children, I want you to begin focusing more intensely on your GOD as MY enemy creeps around looking for who he can snatch away, who he can hinder, who he can defile. He is wretched and will stop at nothing to provoke and bring harm to MY children, even those who are spoken for, chosen, and called for special work in the Kingdom
—MY Kingdom on earth.

This is his delight to pull down MY children; to lead them away from Truth and Safety, MY Truth, MY Safety. You must stay vigilant in


seeking ME, focus on ME, fixate on ME—do not look to the right or the left. There is only hopelessness when you move away from GOD back to the world.

O’ yes, there are answers in the world, but all the wrong answers and lies misleading you from MY Will, MY Path, and MY Way to the road everlasting. Don’t be deceived. There is no Truth found anyplace but with ME—where all Truth rests.

I hold the key to eternity. MY Blood is the covering that shields you from your deserved condemnation, that keeps you pure and holy before ME, so that you can stand before MY Presence—MY Holy Presence. Without it, you would be lost—found guilty, and punished for eternity.

This is very serious, MY children. Very few grasp the seriousness of this and how important it is to come to ME, surrender, repent, and make things right between US.

I want full surrender—nothing less will do. There are no answers for you anywhere else.

Children, there is great tribulation coming to the earth. Many do not believe this but it is true—don’t be caught unawares. Many will be caught in the trap of MY enemy with no escape. This is what is coming to MY lukewarm children who choose not to watch for their LORD, who choose not to heed MY Warnings, and read MY Book.

These are MY children, who look for all the excuses to run from their GOD back into the arms of a dying, decaying world. Soon this world, disguised as a hopeful promising future, will be exposed as a dark, cruel ending for those who are left to face the worst. Don’t be among them—run into MY Open, Saving Arms. There is only a short


time remaining to receive clean garments, pure heart from the filling of MY SPIRIT and by seeking ME through intimacy.

You are selling yourself short if you think otherwise. I cannot be pleased with a casual relationship by hearts that are cool. This is MY dying and lost church of the lukewarm: those WHO believe they can be with the world and ME both. It is an abomination to include ME among your earthly pursuits, as if I am just another lesser god. If you handle the Holy and then place ME back upon your shelf, you will find yourself outside MY Kingdom when I come to rescue MY bride.

Proceed with caution. MY enemy seeks to destroy you. You are no match for him apart from MY Hand of protection, MY Armor to shield you. Only I can keep you safe from the trouble coming on the earth.

Turn and face ME. Give ME your hand. Let ME take you into MY Arms. Time is of the essence. Don’t delay. Give ME your all so I can give you MY All. Exchange darkness for light. Let ME vanquish your fears and bring you to wholeness. The time is short: think wisely the use of your time. Fill it with your GOD.

I am the GOD WHO controls all time and space: I AM the LIGHT EVERLASTING!

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