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2022-06-22 19:21:03 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 6

i have to be honest, there was no memory of me before i was born on earth. As far as i should be in concern of is remembering life. I felt the worst to spoil my sense. But i still believe in Jesus. Which means i have to carry my cross to Him. When the time is right, i will know there is no more of me to pay. My best hope is to meet Jesus.. and praise singing to the Lord.
Its best of me to share bible verse to dad by email. I need to work on it. Or maybe i just need to pray more, my ways to make Father happy is my heart and the fate of Jesus i look up to. i notice i have been looking back for my reasons to answer questions from no where. Though i have no memories of my past, but my answers are true to me for me to keep. I will be better when i quit my bad habbits ever, the spirit world will give me inspiration and thoughts in life for the good.
At last, bless my relatives and friends. No more blames for anything came across my way in each end of the day. it starts by little things i do, and hope big decision can be favorable of the Lord. Lets keep going..