Words from God / Jesus
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2022-06-22 06:14:58 (UTC)

“Blind Faith causes MY enemy to tremble.”

MY Coming is near—even at the door. They need to prepare themselves. Wash in MY Blood. Be vigilant watchers—tell others. Warn them about the chip. There needs to be repentance. Focus on ME. There are answers nowhere else. All doors are closing that leads to Truth. Only ONE Door remains—walk through it before it is too late.

Come to ME for a filling of the SPIRIT. Come now—don’t delay. Delay may put you in danger of total loss. Let ME overhaul your heart. Make it clean by the washing of MY Word. There are no other solutions. I am the STRAIGHT PATH. I am the LIGHT, the TRUTH.

Blind Faith is the only way to walk with GOD—Surrender ALL from a heart turned to ME out of Blind Faith. Operate in Blind Faith and you will move mountains. You will fly in the heavenlies and soar on wings like eagles…soaring to new heights.

Blind Faith causes MY enemy to tremble. “Blind” because you come to ME blindly not knowing what the outcome of your faith will be: “faith” with anticipated hope that your pursuit of GOD will be GOD’s Perfect Will—Perfect in all ways. The end result of your Blind Faith will be the right outcome toward the salvation of your soul and a testimony for others to pursue GOD with Blind Faith.

The end is near for the bride on earth as she has known it. There is a new experience waiting her in MY Heavenlies. She will soar with ME and OUR love will be for eternity—a love that is everlasting. Place your heart in MY Hands. I am capable. You will be preserved from the evil coming.


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