Evolving marriage
2022-06-21 17:22:06 (UTC)

Chill Vegas Wknd

Dear Diary,
Back home, tired, but doing good overall. Feel better then our last trip. Funny how husband is even realizing we cant really drink much, Well I limit how much I do, but he tends to have more, and then thats what makes you feel like crap the day after. We got home after 5pm Monday, literally unloaded the vehicle and got in our bed. I got up and took a shower/bath a bit later then back in bed and we passed out. We stopped on the way home for Indian Food for dinner so we wouldnt have to worry about making something when we got home, we were too tired.

We had a nice weekend, Got into Vegas on Friday just before dark, so that was nice. We stayed at the Casino, sat at the bar to re create a memory we had from our dating yrs, drinking a glass of sambuco together, then we went to get something to eat, had another drink and played some slots, some silly penny slots, but it was fun.

Slept good that night, woke up early overall with the time difference and since we went to bed early that night. We got up and went to breakfast, then drove around to the sex shops, hit up the Love Store which we like the best, and went by Hustler again. But man the people follow you and keep talking at you in those shops, was same was last time, just this time a girl instead of a guy. You cant get a min or so alone as they are back talking at you asking you questions. Leave us alone dammit and let us look at sex toys in peace! :)

We ran back to the Love Store as hubby saw this toy he wanted to get, and it was a great choice!

So we headed back, laid in bed and took our first edible since we had some time to kill before dinner in the eve, we had reservations for TAO at the Venetian, we had never eaten there before, and we just took an Uber over. Dinner was really good, place is really nice and we walked all around the Venetian, indoors and out and did the gondola rides. It was really a chill wknd for us. Low stress, we have learned to just roll with things, expectations can stress you out, so just go with it. We took another edible at dinner to finish out the eve. It was nice, I didnt really feel much all through dinner or at the Venetian, it wasnt until the ride back in the Uber car I was noticing i was feeling it.

We just went back to our room and a lot of things are disjointed, as we were in the room for hours before dinner with the edibles too, I got back and told him to get naked and I just wanted to look at him, we found this cool station on spotify Bedroom Pop I think its called? And the music was just the perfect mood, we just had a lot of time together in bed, laying together, moving together, not a lot of intercourse exactly, more touching, playing, blow jobs, using toys on me, just having fun together, I cried at one point at the beginning, good tears, just overwhelm tears of where we are now, when I never thought we would be like this or have fun like this and just thankful its different now, but it made me emotional.

He came twice that day, one from a blow job and one when I was over on the edge of the bed on my back and he was fucking me . He in turn had used the vibrator and the new toy, which WOW, was excellent, he was actually reading reviews on it and we were laying in bed together listening to music and as he kept reading the reviews I got up, ran to the bathroom, and got undressed and came back to bed and said "Okay lets go!" ha as he had been teasing me reading all the womens reviews on the dildo toy he got, it has these 3 humps that are incredible with sensation feelings, sorta like the feeling a knot gives but without the knot...

And we just had fun, and laid there togther, and we got up and ran down to McDonalds, yes we could literally go down the elevator and out the door and McDonalds was right there, we got McFlurries and Fries and Cookies, was just silly fun, like a teenager, but as my husband said More like a stoner.

And we just sat in bed together

Went swimming in the pool on the last day since check out was noon and we ate so much junk I needed some exercise! We didnt eat that last am in Vegas, just some Keto bars and a Suja probiotic drink I had in our bag, time to detox from the junk we had! And as I said we had Indian Food on our drive home for a dinner/lunch meal.

I got up this am, was tired, but did go and do my walk, I still feel pretty mellow and relaxed, did a few laps, came home, watered my plants and made a smoothee, did my arm weights and the wave plate, some stretches, and now Im on the couch, feeling good overall, just a little tired, but it was a fun low key weekend. It wasnt crazy sex/fucking, it was more fun mellow playing and getting off all other manner of ways, which is just as fun. :)

I could do this every wknd

We have a 4 day wknd coming up with the 4th but we talked of staying home, we have a great 4th of July show here and we can see it from our home and BBQ here, so thats the plan, but maybe we will go away the first part of the wknd, I dont know, will talk to husband, his bday is next wknd and he said we dont have to go anywhere, we can do stuff another time, so maybe the 4th wknd? Who knows, Ill talk it over with him.

Just wish we had people to do all the work Id like done around here at our place. Im formulating a plan for the back half of the backyard to get leveled, pour concrete and put in a shed for a gym. But I also have thoughts of a lap pool could go well back there also. Just making our home our place where we can do all the fun things we want to do.

I do have a pool pass here though, just need to see if there is an adult swim time, prefer to just be able to go and do laps without a bunch of kids.

Well Im gonna chill today I think, but all is good, we had a nice wknd, and we just laid in bed a lot between fooling around, saying I love you and holding hands.