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2022-06-21 20:39:24 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 5

..balance my emotions. For the judgement. My smile can be pride. When i am low, i lay lazy wonders why. I believe i am stronger to against lust and temptation. My day spend at ease, as long as i steadfast the love i have. I keep my will to help neighbors and content with relatives. Life can be known with wisdom, and love of the Christ fortells to be ready ahead.
The races in the bible, clearified the past. Why uncertain, if lack of judgement, fore i know who i am. And the issues happens in life will not last. i pray when ever i am in hard time. To respect the lord, is the most i should do. All that He has given to me, i am worthy to remember. And i have to bless others, when i am ready and clean.