Lost for words at times
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2022-06-20 20:39:00 (UTC)

Excuse for yesterday

I have literally heard all the excuses in the book as to why our video call's hasn't hooked up🤣, from bathroom vist's, to someone was at the door and was then distracted, phone call's, on the forage for food, store vist's, falling asleep. Now this most outrageous little story which i'd of struggled to believe if l hadn't seen the aftermath of his ordeal.
We was in another long video call yesterday. I'm tired as we are minus 7 hours behind each other and l was awake again all night talking to him, it was also my birthday and l knew l had to stay awake as l had my son vist. So l was uber tired. Andrew did what he does best and went to sleep again.

I got home at around 14.30pm and went straight to sleep. I got woke up by Andrew at 17.16pm great! We was doing great until we started bickering over something silly. I kept asking him was everything ok..? Yeah was his replie. I can tell something isn't right 'what you saying?' Was his replie, tell me what's going on.. 'nothing' he said. I turned around to open my backdoor, turned back around instantly to him not being there!
Straight away l tried hooking us back up in a call, to absofuckinglutely nothing. There was no sound that the call went down like normal, he just wasn't there. Now i'm not happy he wasn't answering me like he normally did. Seven unanswered calls later and one on his mobile i'm now in a state of stupidness. l start texting my texts telling him that i'm now done, had enough of playing stupid games, what had l done to warrant him treating me like this, as we have an understanding, that if an issue arises we 'd talk like responsible adults.
I gave up l blocked his arse on all platforms l had him on, yet deep down l knew something wasn't right.

My bloody American god love him, rents a room in a house shared by other people. The time our phone call was disconnected he was going through the start of his ordeal. He was laid on his bed, a 'flashbang' which is a less-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy's senses. Came through his open bedroom window.
Then a group of what l believe are swat teams members, dragged him of his bed, face down on the floor, zip tied him and carried him face down to the main lounge area.
They apparently had a search warrant for the whole building and to capture the drug dealing mexican that was living in the basement.
My bloody American kept pleading his innocence but could hear his phone ringing and dinging with my texts and him thinking ' she is no doubt losing her shit' which l was. The officer had his mobile and was obviously reading poor Andrew's demise. No doubt with a laugh at Andrew's expense. They trashed his room searching for something he had no involvement in then let him go as he had no part in anything, he only lived there.

I couldn't settle about what l had decided and unblocked Andrew to him, to him telling me about his ordeal.
Out of the whole situtation he seemed more annoyed that they emptied all his tubs he had been packing all his stuff in due to a pending move. And his very large bag of blue straws that sat happily on his fridge and due to the flashbang they used, sent these straws all around his room like pieces of shrapnel. Damn he was pissed off, they went everywhere in the light fitting, behind his very large television, all over his floor and bed, even in his shoes🤣 I had to seriously control my laughter.

I've learnt a lesson, never get fiesty as he could possibley be in the worse case seniaro🙄 and just love him.
I so want to be able to take him away from where he lives. His state has a high record of crime and that worry's me.

Their grasshoppers must be uber special as Andrew can't tell the difference between there sound and that of a rattle snake. Imagine that, jesus christ i'd have heart failure. l scream at our Uk moths yet alone having the worry of the local dangerous wildlife.

They marked the side of his poor face, his wrists had marks on, his elbow was grazed, then he had me to deal with. They really in his word's jacked him the fuck up.. motherfucker's. He is a warrior and l love him very much.

Grateful for
My Family & Andrew
My online friend K🖤
Blue straws for my bloody American
Him being ultra cute whilst sleeping(damn l miss that at times)
Spending every minute of every day that we can together be it only online at the moment.

Until next time, take care of you x

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