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2022-06-20 17:10:50 (UTC)


We often overestimate what we can do in a day, but often underestimate what we can do in a decade. This piece of advice is resonating with me today. Instead of asking what do I need to do today? Maybe I need to ask what do I need to do this decade?

What do I need to do this decade?
This is the decade we will become empty nesters, this is the decade my husband will likely retire, this is the decade my house will literally fall apart if we don’t do maintenance, this is the decade we should build on our other property, this is the decade I want to change our living situation so that we are in a many bedroom home and can host family reunions. We have the means and resources for these things, this is the decade to do them. The trouble is much of this relies on my husbands cooperation, he agrees with all of these things, but he does not act. Partly that is focus, he works too much, mostly it is fear, crippling fear on his part. Fear of spending money on the wrong things and seeing it all go to waste. Meanwhile neglect is having the very effect he is fearful of. This is where we need to make my decade plan.