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2022-06-20 19:58:45 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 4

Life is not a form of energy. Its my freewell to do those in the day time. For the nights peace, and do compose on time. Today i woke up fairly in the morning, time seem long for what i do and left with plenty of time for me to think what to do. I should not be bothered by the emptiness of time being. As long as i follow the law, and the prayer of repentance. so there are no worries of to learn the knowledge of energy and sort. But i have to keep myself in shape, and fill my life to the fullest i believe.
Reflects to the eternity, find those things are righteous to do. For now, its not a hard task in my mind, and all that if i woke up early. I feel i am ready, and the best is to feel i am healthy. The sleepy in the day time makes me feel no use at all. Hoping night time is easy to sleep. Yet, the bible mention about the Lord will come home. I as the servant should be awake to welcome the Lord. Lets keep it in my mind, and follow my sense. Happy are those who fear the Lord.