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I Hate Middle School
2022-06-15 20:47:28 (UTC)

Impatient And Obsessed And Depressed And UGHHHH


You know how I’m getting Guinea pigs, yeah? And you know how I was planning on going to the rescue yesterday? Well it turns out you need a reservation to go there. I asked my mom to look into it and she asked the lady. While we were waiting for a response I probably asked her if the lady responded yet once every hour or two. The power went out today and I was bored out of my mind so I called my mom and she said that the lady responded! She didn’t tell me what she said though… I probably- no, definitely would have bugged her about it more but she’s a nurse so I figured she was busy. I’m super excited to hear what’s going on though!

Ever since we went to that pet store I’ve been obsessed with these things. I researched the breeds, their needs, things you shouldn’t do with them, and I even watched a few cute video compilations. This might sound a bit weird to you but I’ve been longing for that unconditional love feeling for so long and I almost need it now. Yeah my family and friends love me but it’s not the same. My cats and dog love me too but not by much. The dog gets up whenever I sit by her, same with my one cat, and the other runs away but will snuggle for a bit only if you catch her. I’m loosing hope for Gentleman coming back too so I’m practically clawing for any pet love I can get. Maybe I’m just being over dramatic though, idk. I just miss the feeling.

Did you know that guinea pigs purr? Unless it’s in short spurts it means that they’re happy. I can’t wait to just hold it and pet it and let it purr in my arms. I can play with her and snuggle with her and they won’t care at all. I even had a dream about it last night. We were at how my subconscious expects the guinea pig rescue to look like looking for some guinea pigs. I don’t really remember the order of everything but I remember some lady taking us to the guinea pig equivalent of a chicken coop and showing us the guineas. I remember not finding the one I was looking for as well as dropping a really tiny one. We also saw the $175 skinny ones Hailey likes which was cute. Apparently we were about to leave with no guinea pigs but me being the insistent little pissbaby I am insists that we ask if they have any more. A different lady says that they had two whole “coops” more and takes us over there. We look around and that’s about all I can remember. I gotta go now but I’ll write later today.

Ughhhhhh I hate myself so much rn! My mom had a stressful day at work and came home mad and decided that we’re no longer getting guinea pigs until I “prove” that I can take care of them by taking care of (aka cleaning) my room. Not me and Hailey which would be understandable, just me, cause I pissed her off. But me - being the good daughter that I am - had zero complaints and went straight to cleaning my room. I’m so confident and exited and determined that I just tear my room apart so I can put it back together spotless. And I do this thinking that my mom will be so happy but no! She tells me I’m going overboard! I mean, I get where she’s coming from but is she really going to complain about me going above and beyond to clean my room? I mean, really?

I’m around halfway done now and I’m soooooo fucking tired. I’d be in bed right now but I’m waiting for my dad to get out of the shower so I can go to the bathroom. I would have went before he got in but he said he was going to get in an hour ago so I said I’d just wait. So much for that. It’s like 80°F in our house too. The powers been on and off all day so the Wi-Fi and AC are all out of whack. The funny thing is, I’m still cold! Take me back to Florida lol. Just kidding, no way am I going there in the summer! I walked to the gas station with Riley and Jacey today. It would have been fun but it’s also the hottest day of the year. There were heat warnings and everything! Plus, we didn’t just walk to one store, the power went out before Riley could check out and she forgot that cash existed apparently so I - being the nice friend that I am - walked to another gas station with her so she could get some stuff. I offered to share mine with her but she insisted on getting her own. The things I do for my friends lol. Love me some heat stroke.

It’s the next day now and goddddddd why do I have to be so impatient!?!? I want these guinea pigs so it I’m gunna cry! That’s only kind of a joke too. I keep annoying my mom about it and I feel so bad but I just can’t stand it! She keeps saying we’re going to the rescue then we’re not then we’re going somewhere else then we’re not getting them entirely and it’s just really confusing. I don’t know wether to get my hopes up or not and it’s making me anxious. It’s not her fault though. I just wish I was more patient.

On a brighter note, I just noticed that Kate Bush sings both Babushka and Running Up That Hill. I didn’t know that before! How can one woman be so angelic!? I gotta start looking up more of her songs! Oops, I gotta go now though. I’ll write more soon! Bye!