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2022-06-19 19:14:13 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 3

Sunday morning, i woke up sleepy again. But i made it to the church, sorting knowledges and life's wisdom of what is happening. For me, i must have came across the spiritual world. My intention for the Father knows well. Yet at a certain point, i must humble to Jesus and do my best to serve the Lord.
It had been granted by the lord for every challenges of life. I am better to follow the Christ. Hopeing God was right to choose me. Love covers mulititude of sins, for me to start from honor the parents. Bless my relatives to love my neighbors like love myself. I should keep my fate strong, follow Christ to my best.
Today for me to past a short rain in the afternoon on my way home from bored outside. I got home with my place clean by the worker. We all able to find what to do for amen. The grace of God is clear to me now. Thanks to all those who love with Jesus.