thenamelessone's diary
2022-06-18 21:52:00 (UTC)

June 18

The first thing I need to do to start a new life, is to put everything in order. So in the first few days I will mostly do that. I started cleaning and tidying up my room and also my computer and phone. I haven’t finished with these, I will continue tomorrow.

I have a bunch of documents that are helping me organizing my life. I’ve already written them and used some of them. Today I revisited them and made changes when necessary. I have a terrible memory so I have a document where I write down my plans and everything I must do. I also have one for my ideas in general. I have many other documents about different topics. The idea is to have one for everything that interests me or I have to deal with. For example one for my car, one for every programming project I had or plan to do, games I played with, one about photography, etc. When I learn anything new about these topics, or something comes up I have to remember, I write it down in these. I haven’t maintained these well enough, so now I reviewed and organized them, and will use them in the future.

I’ve already made a habit of using my phone’s notes, when I need to remember something or I have any idea, I immediately write it down. The problem is that I’ve never made the habit to later look at these notes. So now I have more than a thousand of these, some of which are important or useful. I started to look through them, I delete most, and transfer the useful ones to the appropriate document. But I haven’t finished with this yet. In the future I will review these notes at the end of each day.

I also updated the document about my daily routine. I will have to regularly look at it to know what to do when, until it actually becomes routine. Some of the things I already do, some of them I have to start doing. I tried to put in there all the parts of my life that are boring, everything that I need to do just to survive, and to keep everything working. I have to do these every day or every few days at the same time, the same way, so they become routine, and I won’t have to think about them. That way I can concentrate all my attention and creativity on the things that actually matter to me, the things I like doing. That’s also the point of the many different documents, if I don’t have to remember everything, my mind is free to wonder and come up with ideas about things that interest me.

I managed to do some useful things today, but I wasn’t as active as I hoped to be, and I haven’t accomplished much. I’ll need to do more if I hope to get somewhere.