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2022-06-18 17:39:27 (UTC)

Thinking over advice (previous ..

Thinking over advice (previous post) I’m finding myself quite inspired. Particularly there was one about instead of saying I need to exercise more think of yourself as one to never miss a work out. I do need to schedule a class for myself at the gym, but classes are hardly ever a right fit for me. Either I am completely lost and unable to keep up or I take an easier class and am the only younger person in a seniors class. They need to make a class in the gym for the young but completely uncoordinated and with details like we will go over this slowly for the first 5 sessions for all of you that don’t take instructions well. Haha. Probably never going to see that. Anyway, none of that was the reason I was writing.

The reason I was writing was because the previous post about advice is reminding me of one bit of advise I heard somewhere else and need to apply.

It was: “if you want to do more, or be more efficient, pay attention to your morning and evening routines”

I need to edit mine.