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2022-06-18 18:47:06 (UTC)

Roads to heavens 2

Past by the church earlier, it was closed. I will be spent more time for church activity. Though today Saturday with no sign open, until next time i go check, hope i don't miss it. I hope i can be pleased by God everytime i attend church. Just be normal and much to repent in the house of God.
During the day, computer games is what i do for now. I should be better off temptations, to build up my mind to against lusts. Meanwhile, the music i have should sets me good moods. Days like this is fairly easy. So i consider next step is be more productive. The only tool i have is computer, and my cell phone. I think i need my web sites with more traffics, as an educational use.
To keep my life neat and clean, i must achieve the way i spent time worthy of value and a focus mind. Making the max of what i have, its not hard for me as i sort my knowledge and skills. For the sake of to earn something in life, is part of the journey to meet Father's judgement. Anyhow, the requirement should be by the plan, not from self desire. Pity how wantings become greed, if i ever please God. For now, be strong.