Evolving marriage
2022-06-17 21:27:58 (UTC)

Vegas Baby

Dear Diary,
Well Im pretty much all ready to leave for Vegas. Husband has to finish up a few more hrs of work then off we go! Just have to load our things in.

We have been having some pretty spicey convos, fantasy ones, about what we would do with another woman, how we would select one, etc. And I found this Vegas sites with girls, so for fun I picked who I think hed like and I wanted to see if I was right. So we just sat playing that game, and he had a diff choice, until he saw the profile of the one of the one I picked, and he said I was correct. Woohoo!

No we arent hiring anyone but we had some interesting convos, fun to fantasize, but the reality, ummm what would I want to do, and thats where my brain short circuits and shuts down. And then the fantasy is over, I havent been able to move beyond that stage

Last night I couldnt take it, 2 days no sex and all this sexy talk and I was still on my period, not that it matters, so I told him to stay right there, not go to sleep and Id be right back, went and showered real quick and just came in and got on top of him, we had a nice time and he wanted to get out the new sleeve he had purchased, and that was fun, then I told him I wanted to finish with just him. We snuggled up, exhausted, and ready for bed and I felt like a happy kitty cat.

This am we just snuggled and he said "Countdown to sexy adult wknd!"

We now have a sex toy bag, took it last trip, and its funny cause the swingers all have them on my shows I listen too. But its our toy bag. I do find it funny when I listen to these podcasts, my husband and I are doing many of the things swingers are doing, but with eachother. They were just talking about using a strap on, but it was the ladies, on one another and one went to kiss one of the men and he was sorta creeped out by it. Meanwhile Im thinking "Pegging!" and what fun and how my husband finds that hot. So different for everyone.

I got up and did my laps around the track this am, then came home and washed the vehicle and cleaned it out to get ready for our trip. My military friend called, hes traveling now and is retired, but his trip will be shorter, family stuff, and I feel bad for him, hes busted his ass in the miltary all this time and he just wanted a month long trip to visit people he hasnt seen, family and friends and his wife (they divorced but are now seeing one another again) they still have issues. He told me how it was going, he asked how we were doing, and I told him its going well, and we are going to Vegas and he said how great that was. We have been friends since before I met my husband, and have talked over the yrs so many times through the ups and downs. I know we always have wondered if our marriages fell apart if we would meet up. But it seems one of us is always on the upswing when the other is on the down in their relationship. We encourage one another and the situations with our spouses, it goes unsaid, we are friends and care for one another. Hes a good man.

Right after his call, my gf called, she just moved to Idaho and so we were catching up and I told her hubbys friend moved there not long ago also and we just said we could make a trip and go see them both sometime, she was excited to hear that. She was in California and I saw her on my last trip in Jan before she moved. She told me she has a guest room with a private suite and bath for us if we want to come. So that will need to be another trip in the near future!

Painted my toe nails red for the wknd, and I tinted my eyebrows and lashes, blue black, so you dont have to wear mascara or do your eyebrows as they pop and it looks good! I do it time to time instead of paying to do it. I picked up a really cute dress at TJ Maxx yesterday, summer long one in bright colors, hoping to wear it this wknd, packed the bathing suit, we typically dont go to the pool, but might this time, we have no real big plans, just fun, time together, good food, edibles, sex, wandering around casinos, we are going to our old haunt where we had some dates long long ago this go around, not the noisy party hotel we were at last time. And we want to try and recreate the bar and our drinks we had long ago while there. Im excited, this is so cool, as I was riding him last night, we talk now a lot during sex, dirty talk, compliment talk, he tells me how beauitful I am, I tell him how good he feels and how bad I wanted him the past 2 days and he was saying how he couldnt wait for our wknd and I said "This is all I have ever wanted to do since I met you, is getaway wknd trips to hotels and fucking you, its all Ive wanted and had hoped for" and he always says hes so sorry he wasnt on the same page for so long. Im not mad, its the way it was, but its not like that now, we finally are over that hurdle, only took about 20 yrs, but better late then never right? Im just happy we are where we are now. And it makes life exciting and fun again, like teenagers, who doesnt love that?

We were going to stop halfway to vegas and grab dinner, but Im not in the mood and we have a salad here we are going to make for dinner, so we are opting to eat before we leave, we shouldnt get into Vegas too late, so maybe we will stay up tonight and go somewhere else later? Who knows? We have 3 nights.

I help picked out hubbys outfits, I keep him sexy, I pick up a lot of his clothing for him, hes basic and I try to keep him stylish but told him we need to find him a new pair or casual shoes, that are just a tad dressier looking, but not tennis shoes, and not dress shoes, I have some in mind but have to find something his taste, found him these nice pants at Costco and he looks so good in them, hes gonna wear those to our nice dinner, but I totally forgot he cant wear much of his other shoes, his foot is still swollen, from after surgery, takes awhile, so flip flops are easiest, but hes bringing his converse and will see if he can fit that foot in them :)

Hes doing well, the glue is coming off his incision.

See this is why its nice not to have pets, you can just up and go quickly for a getaway wknd like this, yes eventually we will get a dog, but for now we dont have kids or pets and can just GO without having to make arrangements.

Viva Las Vegas!