Slowly descending into madness
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2022-06-18 01:34:36 (UTC)


Fun fact about having period: when you’re spending a lot of times with girls, the dates sync. For example: right now 2 of my close friends and me, we're all on our period. Because we spend at least 8 hours together everyday.

Not so fun fact about period: I spent all day crying and sleeping. Sometimes I cried in my sleep. Then I wanted to text him but I didn’t. I mean no point in burdening someone with my trivial problem. And it doesn’t even have a solution.

I was suffering from pain since 5/6 am, ma came to my room and held me tight. She never does that, I think this is the first time I've ever felt loved during this painful time. Well, it made me cry even a bit more.

We went out to have lunch, with the extended family members, I couldn’t eat anything. Then I went to the washroom and I cried there because I couldn’t eat anything. I wasted one whole day just crying out of pain and mood swings. I'm going to cry again, because I wasted one whole day crying.

Man I'm not someone who cried a lot. In fact I'm pretty much made of stone. But idk what happened today.

Oh, good thing is today's weather was really nice. Just the way I love it. I don't like rain that much but the cloudy black sky is everything I enjoy.