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2022-06-17 21:36:34 (UTC)

Roads to heavens.

I am well take care of is how i feel today. And this is how i begin my every day diary here. Firstly, i must repent for those troubles burdens my parents and sis. I am more focus now then the cosmic war i put myself in, and close to the churches for health and wealth of my present life. Notice i am a lucky one to be here. Roads to heavens start now.. my music is playing and ready to my energy time by time. Until then, i will be peace. Anyhow, waking up late like these days is what i concern the most. I must quit my bad habbits i believe. While keep myself strong against temptation, i find things to do at the farm, and gaming of internet or cell phone really helps me spend my time avoid bad influnce. I choose my games wisely is the best of my knowledge.
Life now is much hope with here i am. i should not put myself busy in any circumstance. The only guide is Jesus, fore i am ready to carry my cross. Supposely, i been christ for many years now. I am in for the best now. I keep myself no wanting as in bible likely a philosophical verse. Though foods my family offers me no problem, i find my ways to be healthy. Must control my tongue, most importantly. Roads to heavens..