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2022-06-16 13:48:19 (UTC)

Missing my Master

As the Covid pandemic seems to wane and life trends somewhat back toward normal it seems the time Master and i get to spend together has dwindled a bit. i now travel to the office twice a week which has eroded the time i got to see Master. But as we both agree we have been both spoiled by the long run of working from home and it was inevitable that at least some form of partial return was necessary.

He is away this week vacationing on a cruise to Alaska. i was fortunate to have done that trip a number of years ago and have nothing but incredible memories of the scenery. It was all breath-taking and i only hope He is experiencing the same. He has spoken about it for months ahead of time and i know it is something He was looking deeply forward to.

i guess this is a good time to also reflect on how much i may take our relationship for granted. We celebrated over 10 years together earlier this year and it has been a blissful decade together. What makes it so unique and such a strong bond is that it all is founded on our compatibilities. We love to sit and talk and share views on such a wide variety of topics -- everything from politics to the weather to sex. (Yeah i figured it was about time i mentioned that little word! :-) ) The point is, sex is not the foundation of us. It is the by-product of what we have become. Without that strong foundation between us there would be no "us". But because we built ourselves up from the foundation up, it sustains us in so many ways, making sex that much more intense and rewarding than i could have ever imagined.

Whether it is me giving myself to Him, or simply pleasing Him without anything in return, i leave with an intense sense of satisfaction because i know in my heart how much He loves and cherishes me.

That is all i ever need.

Forever His.