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2022-06-16 10:40:22 (UTC)


Me and my friend got trapped in an elevator and a cashier dude tried to molest us. I threatened to put my finger up his butt and was about to push him over (he was big) before I woke up.

Before that, I was escaping Egypt with a (my?) royal family after eating pizza. I tried using a mushroom as a dildo in the forest we escaped to (I failed, I don’t have a functioning vagina). I got caught trying by some guard dude my age and he started questioning me (not like angrily or anything, more like a confused wtf kinda way).

Weird stuff.

About that first part. Me and that friend were at an airport place (can’t remember what we were doing there) I just remember going up stairs and her getting mad at people going the wrong way (like going up the left staircase which is where people are meant to go down, that kinda thing). And then me trying to calm her down and tell her to approach situations like that in a more passive way because yelling at people would probably just make them do it anyway out of spite/anger.

Then we went to the store section to get food and that’s where I saw that creepy guy. He followed us to the elevator and tried clicking some stuff, saying something about an intermission not working before coming in with us as the doors closed. I had a bad feeling. Then he went after that friend, and I started kicking at his ass. Managed to pull the mf off and was abt to get friend to help me push him over so he’d be like a turtle on its back.

Woke up with my heart racing a bit. Was gonna talk to my mom about it but she’s on the phone. Had to calm myself because, ‘doesn’t matter now, I’m safe, with them’.

Weird stuff.