Evolving marriage
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2022-06-15 22:12:37 (UTC)

Morning BJs

Dear Diary,
Well Im ready to hit the shower, been outside moving rock, cleaning out planters, raking, cleaned up the porch and moved all the patio furniture.

We are going to Vegas again! Woohoo! He found out he has a 3 day wknd, and its funny now, since things have changed between us, hes game to get away on wknds(It was always me since day 1 trying to get him away for sexy fuck wknds) and he was never into that, he ruined so many wknds in the last 20 yrs because of his mindset. And I always just wanted to escape with him and have a good time. So since Vegas isnt too far away, he said he was game, they have a special at the hotel we used to go to long ago for 3 nights 40% off! So I booked our room! Yay! We will leave friday after hes done with work.

No real plans other then we are going to try the TAO restaurant at the Venetian, he wants to go to the sex shops again with me he said. We did look at the swinger clubs but to be honest they intimidate me, cover fees, tell you to get dressed up like your going on a hot date, etc. Not saying we wont ever visit one, but I told him I really like the idea of going to a clothing optional Resort, Like Caliente in Florida, or Desire in Cancun? Mexico? What I hear about those places I think would be more our speed as its for all types and not just swingers, just places with nudity allowed and sex rooms, but you can be with your spouse or explore beyond that. So you can opt for whatever you choose, I feel like it would be more pressure in a swinger club, and Im honestly more curious and want to be a lookie loo fly on the wall to see what these places are like. Like the idea of being able to give your husband a blowjob at the pool? Or having sex in a room with a window open where others can watch, or sex next to another couple hearing them? That is more where Id just like to tap dance around a little, see if we could enjoy that. Husband is more of a voyeur, Im more of the exhibishionist, well I used to be and know I have that side to me but hes so reserved in public even with PDA, Ive not really been overly affectionate let alone sexual in public places as he sorta holds that back. So would be fun to LET GO. And I wonder if he would be able to at a resort and away from home and at a place like that, only one way to find out eh? He did say that would take a commitment (airfare, more cost, its not cheap, etc)

But I think it would be fun to try for once in our life, we did a Hawaii trip yrs ago and spent a good amount of money for that trip. And we can afford to splurge and do something like that.

I got my period the other day, boo, but its been super light, YAY! Woke him up to a blow job tues am, this am, I was touching him, stroking him but he just laid there, wouldnt remove his shorts which makes it hard to touch, and I always sleep with no underwear, I have to ask him to do so, but I know he doesnt it because of the testosterone cream, he has to put it on his balls at bedtime and doesnt want to transfer it to me as his dosage is way higher then mine. But I figure by am its all absorbed in and Im not touching there. So I made a comment this am, that I like feedback, did he enjoy the blow job the other am? He says yes, but I tell him he doesnt tell me that after, he just lays there, and I like to hear things like that, and he knows what I mean as he loves feedback with sex and play and if IM enjoying myself, so I try to be vocal with such things, compliment, tell him how amazing this or that was. So he said he needs to step up his game and that he thought because of my period it was off limits, I said ??? What have we done the last 2 mos? We have had sex on my period, Im okay with it, if he is, I have said, if hes not grossed out, Im in, Im more worried about him, and he has said hes fine and we did the last 2 mos. I tell him "Im just as sexually turned on and horny on my period, I dont stop being a sexual being" and we talked about play, we dont have to have intercourse and I asked him why he cant get a toy and make me orgasm? He went to reach for the drawer to get it, and it wasnt there, I said "Are you looking for this?" I had it under my pillow since last night hoping for something to happen :) He said "You are correct, Ive been a bit greedy, Im sorry" and he proceeded to put it against my pussy. He still needs to learn a thing or two about me in the oral and making me orgasm manually realm. Its a little strange feeling with him as Ive never felt hes into it. But he says he is, hes just more reserved and he puts less energy into it. Just like how guys say a woman whos into giving a blow job is what makes it sexy, not just doing it to do it. So I always make sure to show total enthusiasm, excitement, noise, communication, sounds, words, looking up at him, grabbing him, changing techniques, asking questions, do you like this, that? I will literally ask him things like that and ask for feedback, I want to know! So my husband is a little behind I feel, so I find it harder to get off in not penis methods with him. I think he gives up too soon just as Im getting warmed up, and then I feel like he doesnt have the motivation or stamina to finish me off, so I feel like I have to rush, which makes me put pressure on myself. And I have to try and relax and get out of my head, which was happening this am and he knows it, so he started to kiss me, while playing with me, and well! That it was did it and pushed me over the edge, deep tongue kissing! Woohoo

He had about 15 min to get up for work and I gave him another blow job right after, luckily that only took a few min, and all was great in the world!

We have had some full nights sleep as of last 2 nights. Well rested. I got up and got dressed for the track and my laps. I did some partial running today too! Weather is great. Felt good and alive this am, Ive been dragging this past week on my walks, today was the best I felt. I thanked hubby for the extra pep in my step.

So fun times ahead this wknd, he just was able to get into our shower today for the first time and lift his leg (its a combo shower/tub) so that is good, Hes getting more and more movement each day and all that. Physical therapy twice a wk and he can go walking with me soon too, he just hasnt yet.

Well I gotta hit the shower and then we are bbqing for dinner tonight. Love days like this