Never Broken
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2022-06-14 13:34:12 (UTC)

In the Beginning

I don’t know what I should put down here for posterity’s sake. What is worth setting down forever and what is worth consigning to the dusts of time?

About me…

I am in my 40’s. I come from a family of politicians which originally comes from rural Ireland, and though I work with politicians and in politics indirectly, I am not a politician. I came across this site because another friend who belongs to one of our co-ops writes here about her life with her Master and she has been encouraging me to write…. So I’m writing. I hope she’s happy.

Anyway, as I said, I know politics. I am a staunch Irish republican, but I believe the time for physical force is past for the moment.

My love, my soulmate, my life partner is C or Conn, depending upon familiarity, but I’m the only one who can call her “Conn”. Try it yerself and see if you get a belt in the gob for yer trouble. We live in the big city with three dogs and our children. We also live with my ex-wife, S, AKA, Evil Bitch. More about that later, I’m afraid. She was abusive when we were married and she hasn’t changed, though her forms of abuse are getting more and more creative every day and now C has also been a victim.

I am thinking, at the end of the year, when our lease on this house is up, we might be moving our separate ways. We’ll have to see what happens.

That’s enough for now, I’m thinking. I have work to attend to. I am anxious, my usual state of mind these days, and I just want to curl up in a ball and let the world pass me by. Unfortunately, I don’t get that luxury.