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I Hate Middle School
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2022-06-06 13:43:12 (UTC)

Disney!!! But First, Golf (unfinished)


It’s halfway through the third day now and we just got finished with golfing lessons. They were great believe it or not! At first I was iffy about if they’d be fun or not but I really like it. The guy teaching us was really nice too, he kept complementing me on my grip and how close I was getting to the hole. Sadly we had to leave shortly after the lessons were over though. We got about an hour to an hour and a half of golfing in. Both the instructor and Avery’s mom said I had a knack for golf. Same with Avery. We’re both pretty good UuU. I could see myself being on the team in high school. I think it’d be fun!

It’s the 4th day now and we just got back from Disney!!! Animal kingdom specifically. We walked in and we were immediately in Pandora. The floating islands were some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! All the detail put into everything was just spectacular! The first ride we went on (and for the record, my first Disney ride ever) was the Avatar banshee rider thingy. It was so fucking cool! You got 3D glasses and you had to sit on something that got strapped it that was supposed to feel about like you were really riding one. It moved around and sprayed water on you! It was great!

Our second ride was the river ride in Pandora. There, I got to see one of the most advanced animatronics ever made! The Shaman! It was so beautiful and the whole ride was to die for!

Side note: my challenge on this new app I have (clue garden) is to describe the scent of a rose. Here’s my attempt: a rose smells how it looks, beautiful but with a pop of energy or sweetness. It smells like the first bite of a juicy apple, the sight of a butterfly up close. It smells like the feeling of a soft pillow or the sight of someone shy doing something brave. It smells soft and sweet.