Evolving marriage
2022-06-13 20:28:19 (UTC)

Average Day

Dear Diary,
Well I felt really tired this am and stayed up a little late, so I opted to skip laps at the track this am. Just a take it easy day.

I have been viewing porn, dp type, like married couple, not into all the porn actor stuff so much, amateur more real things, dp with anal. mmm

So um yeah

I made some calls today, just didnt want to be bothered otherwise on the wknd, So Im going to go back to town wed for a vehicle check appt of something and a bank trip to list beneficiaries on accounts I dont have anyone listed on. Im sure the lady that called is gonna try to pitch some other banking services at me, we dont love any of our banks anymore, my husband has worked for 2 of them in the past and we used to get extra banking perks during those times. But both banks since have put us off, so we dont really have a fave bank now. And I would rather have $$ in real estate then a bank acct, but Im always the one looking for properties, my husband hasnt jumped or gave me the go ahead on anything yet, which he takes much more time it seems on stuff.

Got word the tree guys are there on the property out of state today, will be interested to see that place get some major dead tree cleanup done! Ill be able to see it when I go back in Sept

My husband has Monday off, he just told me, so I said "Think of what you want to do this wknd" not sure if we will go do anything but with a 3 day wknd we can get away if we want to do something fun or out of the norm.

I need to call my hairdresser and get that set up too, I drive out of state to see her. I can be in several different states in a day, so its not that big a deal.

Its been hot and now the wind is back, blech, dont want to be outside in this weather

Talked to my sis, did a brief catch up

Was listening to a podcast on those dipping their toes into swinging and how to go about it, and they said "There are some people who are strictly vacation swingers" and they travel to clothing optional resorts out of the country, and then go back to their regular lives otherwise. And that you can attend one of the other types of events, and just watch or have sex in proximity to another couple, not being you will be swapping. Its a "Dip your toe in the water" type of thing...

I kinda like that idea. I wonder if husband would, I also really like this couple, they are more my type of people then the other podcast, I like how considerate they are, and the rules they have. Its very different then the other ones.

I did some of my fascia blaster today as I took a few day break, bruising all over my upper thighs, which they bruised easily before, just from bumping something or rubbing too hard, breaking up the fascia, also did some cupping. THat pulls the fascia away and loosens it, and now I know why my thighs felt so hard and lumpy, bound up fascia. so Ive been working at it. Will report results down the road, too soon to tell, but Ive been at it a few wks more consistent.

Well not much else to share for today at this point. Gonna go make something to eat