Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-06-13 04:31:03 (UTC)


I say this every change of season. I really like this season because of all these reasons. It may be that I prefer to wear lighter clothing, or that I really love fresh vegetables. I grow some vegetables every year. My lettuce has gone a little crazy and the tomatoes are going to be very abundant. Blueberries, not so much. Blackberries- probably enough to make some jelly, but I’ll probably eat them long before they come inside.

Today was full of activity. I just kept the momentum from yesterday and kept plugging away at the mental list of things I know I need to do. I’m the type that tackles the hardest thing first. Then everything else is easy in comparison… that’s how I work. I prefer it. I don’t always do it, but I try. It was a very hot and sticky day. I wore a swimsuit all day. It was a bit cooler than shorts. Most of what I needed to do was outside… but it was mid 90’s today. I don’t dig the hot hot. An old friend of mine lives in Arizona. I hear it’s like 115 there. Man that sucks for them.

I play this game at night. It’s a differences game. You find the 15 things that are different from one pic to the next. Tonight’s illustration was a fall scene. It made me wish for fall even though summer has barely begun. That was surprising to me that I kinda skipped summer and went right for the closing up of outdoor life and back to reclusive stretches.

People are wishing me well and I do appreciate it. Thank you. I’m not in a terrible mental place right now, but I don’t actually understand why I’m not finding joy or contentment.

I know this is scattered… it’s 11:45. The big question looming is? Do I stay up another 15 minutes and play Wordle, or do I attack it in the morning with a fresh mind?