Evolving marriage
2022-06-12 10:40:21 (UTC)

Naked outside

Dear Diary,
I went and grabbed 2 of the toys, the dragon dildo with knots, the hitachi with the other toy attachment that is so soft like a tongue, Im still in my lingerie and threw on a robe and went out back, its dark but do many stars. I just looked up

Its like feeling alone as the world sleeps and I have this utter privacy and peace and just spun around looking up at the stars.

I sat on the patio couch with my toys and lubed up and inserted the dragon dildo and pushed the knot in several times, then grabbed the wand with the tongue attachment and used that also, then back to the dragon and the hitachi against my clit.

And that point my husband texted me asking if I was okay, I told him I was looking at the stars, he said "Out back?"I said yes, and he came out in his boxer briefs. He kissed me, said it was cold, and I told him one night we need a blanket out here in the dark and to have sex, he said we shall see about that... ha, hes not much of an exhibishionist at this point and I have to remember with his knee, its hard to get on the ground, he can do a few positions with his kness, but he cant get on top or on his knees or in front of me, unless Im bend over something he can come up behind me, so I can ride him or he can enter me laying on my back edge of the bed or bent over. So we have options

So yes, I sat, and came and then got up and walked to the back of the yard and looked up again, pulled down my robe and just felt the cool night air on my skin through my lingerie, I never do things like this, and it feels so good.

Came back in and kissed husband in bed and told him how much I love him, had some snacks, have the munchies now, got past the dry mouth part.

Its almost 5am, not sure what I will do next