Evolving marriage
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2022-06-12 09:19:14 (UTC)

High as F

Dear Diary,
Best to write this whie its still fresh in my memory, things like this, you can reflect but not remember all the details with the days that pass.

We went out today and had a longer hyberbaric session, husband for his healing and for our health, I went also, i listened to the We Got a Thing Podcast. I ended up falling asleep and woke when the guy was switching out the air pressure, and the podcast was just at the end and this sexy session of the couples fucking other couples laying side by side and the men cumming at the same time and the way he described it was incredible, and I woke up to that, I was so relaxed, groggy and we wandered out of our session.

Did Home Depot and Costco, groceries and some things we needed for the house, we still had time to kill as we wanted Indian food but the place didnt open until late afternoon, so we went to the bakery and got this chocolate covered dessert and shared it, so we didnt have too much, and it was heavenly!

We drove over for Indian Food, Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan bread, and we are in heaven. And then headed home, its over an hour drive and we listened to Esther Perels book we started, we had so much good conversation, chapters on cheater and things about why people cheat, not excusing it but explaining it so they can make changes if possible.

We got home and unloaded, then crawled into our bed together, and I played the movie "The Aura Doll" with Tommy Pistol. Its a porn film but its more good production quality and with a plot acting, etc. ANd it wasnt what I would expect, it was a dude putting an add out for a 3 some with his gf, and a girl takes him up but finds its with a sex doll, which he says his wife died and its who he loves since, and they actually made it pretty tame. I sorta felt sympathy for hte character and get why the girl went along with acting out a 3 some with the man and the doll, It was itnriguing, not as much a turn on to get you off but interesting concept.

My husband had been saying for days that this wknd was my Dildo party, hed tie me up and blindfold me and Id have to guess which toys he was using. So he started to get the toys out and we took 1 edible, been dying to do that again and see how it goes. It takes longer, around an hour to kick in, and funny how it impacts husband first, even though he has way more experience and taking such things, I can count on one hand and its slower to affect me twice now. But eventually it did kick in. He fucked me first before we got started and told me that was the Opening Act.

We ordered new toys, they are like a dragon penis and tongue, and holy crap the tongue one is huge but so so soft, feels so much like the gentleness of a human tongue. And he played down the line with different toys and all were heavenly, one with a large knot at the base and omgosh that not when he pushes it in at the end, WOW! Its incredible and the sensation so wonderul.

He worked his way down the line and it was just like I was taken for a ride, things done make sense, sensations heightened and wondering whats going on.

He got the mailman sleeve and the bayonet, a new item, that has a dildo for the ass that slides on the one used for the pussy.

And I was excited when he got it, but we didnt have the right moment to use it, until now and he fucked me, double penetration with it and it was so intense, I love it in the ass also and I ended up cumming from that. We went on for a bit then I hit a wall and told him time to stop, and we went on to other forms of play. He had said 4 hrs had passed (thats how long we were at it!) And it felt like we took a break, somewhere back when he was fucking me with all the crazy fantasy dildos, I squirted and he had to put 2 towels under me. I just smiled through them and stretch out my body, OH, mind you I was restrained to the bed for all of this with a blindfold on.

He would pinch my nipples throughout it all.

I wore the black striped lace top stockings and a dark green see through type bra and garter belt. I rode him, I sucked him, I went and had a chocolate brownie cup and came back and latched down on him with the chocolate still lining my tongue and it made the sucking on him so much more tasty, and the saliva flowerd, He was on his back as I had him in my mouth, him holding my head and moving and me moving my body in time with his movement, sucking, tightly, rolling my tongue all around the head of his cock, or side to side and up the center. Burying my face in his groin and pressing deep into my throat. For whatever reason tonight I just wasnt up to swallowing, wish I was, but just wasnt , so I pulled off and he told me to ride him. Which I just crawled back on top of him and fucked him, moving my stomach, hips, hard against his public bone and loving the feeling. Loving this man and him saying he is glad we went through the hard times, even though they sucked, they brought us to where we are now and he loves that.

We have Sunday together, Its almost 4 am and I havent really slept much but am awake, felt like I could fool around all night long and got the hitachi and vibrated myself laying next to him and had a massive orgasm and ended there, and we just laid side by side, holding hands, then I rubbed the hair on his head, over and all around and he began to breathe as to where I knew was sleep. My mind couldnt go to sleep so I got up and came to write about it, its all I could think to do.

You know what Id like to do, go outside in my lingerie, its dark, lots of stars and bright moon I could walk out in my backyard right now and nobody would see me, I dont feel I have that type of privacy by day at this point with our backyard, too many lower walls, have plans to fill that all in eventually, but this is it for now, maybe Ill go outside by myself, out back after writing this and just stand outside with lingerie on with no panties, my pussy bare, and stand there, feel the sensation of being outside, maybe bring a toy and lay on the outdoor lounge we shall see how daring I am.

I love him, I love this, I want to take more edibles tomm and continue, Im sure he will want to, he sorta lets me call the shots. I told him he is to pick the next porn, as I showed him tonights with the sex doll 3 somes. He said "Yeah you need more female gang bang porn" ha so I suspect thats coming.

I asked what he would do if he had me and another woman, what things he would want to do, and I know he told me, but I was floating on a cloud while he fucked me I dont remember what he said, so maybe tomm he can tell me again.

Will we dabble as swingers at some point? IM impressed actually by the friendships they form with these people. As well as the hot sex at times and things they learn.

this couple on the podcast is much more reserved and picky about who they play with and I like it, they have great voices, have to be maybe 10 or so yrs older then us, I wonder if they would be attractive to us, as you cant see them, its a podcast and that is hidden.

They got to a place in Mexico I believe called Desire, clothing optional resort and speak about it, we should go! There is also Caliente in Florida, I think that could be fun, its not just for swingers, and they say vanilla couples are there, or that they have had trips where they just were to themselves and didnt play with anyone else. But had sex in a room where others could see them, the sexy vibe,

I think I would like such things, but I know my husband and all his performance issues, wonder if that would be rough for him and get in the way or would he be able to totally let go.

Sex is so fun, there is so much to try now, so many toys he has bought, expensive crazy ones and I love him for it and thank him for bringing all these experiences to me, For talking to me, getting my feedback, having me pick out shapes and colors and just getting it all. How much variety and creativity hes brought into the bedroom and I think its often, hes used sleeves that are thick and veiny, to crazy ridges, to soft textuers, to knots that open me in a way I cant describe, to ones that are fantasy inspired with crazy shapes, sizes and stories with them and its amazing. I dont have to go try another cock, he just slips it on or shoves it in me, and I think he used 5 diff ones tonight, but now we have a drawer full, its getting out of hands, each wk hes looking for a new one to try and order.

What a fun day, night, events, its been several wkns and Ive been dying to do this on edibles again, what it does is make me feel sensations more strongly and for me to feel like Im floating and time just passes you by, you have no guage of time and can go on for hours. How can you not love that?

I just want to fuck this man in all ways possible, please him, enjoy him, make him feel how amazing he is with me.

This is good, yes