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me and my life
2022-06-11 19:07:42 (UTC)


Mom is getting old, she behaves very differently. Change in her nature is may e because of her aging I suppose. She has to live with my sister am worried how they gonna manage as they both have sometimes issues with each other. I now my is stubborn and she will never listen to you, if you lecture her she will say yes yes and they she will dump that all from her another ear. She is like huh...
These days she is facing health issues and it bothers me a lot. Backache, spondylosis, vertigo also she needs break. I am so worried for her, how she going to be. She is just behaving different. She wants to do all work, she behaves sometimes diplomatic, sarcastic and weird too. When I leave for Canada Ill be most worried for her than anything. Sometimes it will be too much for my sis to handle too.. am glad my sis is understanding. I really have to understand both side. i hope things will be good.

Miss Yubu.. cya guys