Slowly descending into madness
2022-06-11 04:29:35 (UTC)

Soup tasted like shit

I actually later did go there. With soup and orange juice. However someone didn’t pick up my call. I think I was on rickshaw just roaming around for half an hour. Twas stupid.

Well, in his defense, he did warn me not to come. And I was stupid enough not to listen. What do we learn from here? Never ever do anything for love. I actually will leave this country and never get back here, like I decided it on rickshaw. It's fine though. I'm not angry or anything. I feel like an idiot, that's true, but I'm not angry.

Pros: glad I didn’t give him the soup, didn’t think food from rustic eatery would taste this shitty.

Cons: I learn to be less stubborn because I have a baaaad migraine now lmao.