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2022-06-10 05:14:41 (UTC)


Time passes, moods change.
It's human nature for humans to get tired, bored of the old and desire new, exciting things to come their way. Or to even return to things from the past because they differ so much from the current state of things.
I'm contemplating waiting until morning, reading, to return all my things to my room and put everything in their rightful places. That it might be time I begin my isolation period. Vacuum, shower, change and protect hair, then curl up in bed and read. And read. And read. And read. And read

I don't have anywhere I need to be in the next two days.
Just take care of hygiene at the right time and return to bed. Drink water if remembered.
I cycle through things very often, the activities are recognizable.
I'll live the life.
I'll go through mood changes. I'll get bored. And then I'll keep reading, like I always do.
Right now, it's only a matter of going to the bathroom and then waiting.
Omegle, discord, youtube, genshin impact, diary.
A cycle, one which I'll be cutting short with a spree.

Sometimes i get this feeling, because I'm not in contact with many people (new, not family) very often, that nothing is real or matters. But everything, even imagined, is only as real as you make it out to be. You can feel unreal in a real setting. And you can feel that something is real despite unreal origins. It's all in your mind. Everything is in your mind really. Or maybe you're all in mind and nothing out there actually exists like social media shows and all the people I look up to or are influenced by dont exist.