Slowly descending into madness
2022-06-10 14:46:01 (UTC)


I think someday I'll die of anxiety. Like I can see my epitaph - here lies "X", she was so young, died of anxiety.

However angenta is keeping me alive. The night before exam or anything important, this med is my savior. It’s insane before digital marketing exam, I collapsed because of tension. Well, I only had 34.sth incourse. So to get at least an B, I need 36. I hope faculty whaman is kind enough to grant me that. I can't believe that I'm for a B but desperate times desperate measures.

I have sales exam on 13th. What's good about this is, Barnali ma'am is extremely biased towards me. I have 41 in incourse, hopefully I'll get an A if not an A plus. Honestly feels like dying. Not to mention I need to get home from rustic eatery by 4 pm to get started.

God help me.