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2022-06-10 00:55:06 (UTC)


Why does food have to taste so good?
It’s a staple in my life. A main part of my daily routine.
One of the reasons I actually enjoy life.
And a reason for a problem of mine.

I can’t starve my body without starving myself of something I enjoy.
Just like how I can’t take away bad influences in my life without taking away my only real sources of entertainment.
Not (what’s the word for it. Not having enough patience to suffer in the short term to benefit in the long term. Not being able to see the bigger picture? Or not being able to live for it? I don’t know) long suffering

I can’t give up food for a preferred body type. In my opinion, this body is a lost cause and there’s no point in giving it a shred of attention for all the things it’s done to me. I hope it dies, someway or another, while I continue enjoying as much as I can before I die myself.

That made no sense and I stand by it anyways y’all make sure to listen toooo uhhh Uhh
Bloodeater by Mom (or Girls Rituals whatever tf they go by now)