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2022-06-09 17:13:22 (UTC)

I'm done

Aether has suffered enough.
I'm waiting for Mona and Rosaria, and hopefully Fischl.
I know there's Diluc and Amber though.
But there's always the chance to have multiple teams.
But first and foremost, I need to take care of those I have.
Which means I'm taking care of Aether.
I'm really unsure about who else to waste materials on.
I've noticed that using Xiangling is way more helpful for me. For fighting and dealing damage in general, quick hits.
Diluc, on the other hand, is a claymore (my favorite fighting style) and helps with getting ores and destroying shields of those abyss mages. Powerful hits.
Aether is good, in most elements, and leveling him up properly will probably have good results.
Amber is strong because I made her strong and I love having an archer for convenience sake.
Barbara is helpful, mostly for healing, but also so that Kaeya can freeze.
I'm not great at eating crap mid battle and my dodging is even worse so I've gotta work on that so, with that being said, I should stop investing in her and wait for Mona LMALDFLAKF
Make more food, use more str, def, otr food stuff for boosting before fighting.
Kaeya is another thing. I want rosaria and she'd be able to do the same thing so I think, no more investing in Kaeya.
Xiangling strong but uoououou 3 pyros??? cmonnn
i literally have thoma and yanfei sittin in my character list because I didn't ask for them, i feel like im neglecting children

Yeah idc
ima do some world quests and stuff
try adventure book thiings out, the daily stuff i usually ignore