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2022-06-08 21:11:40 (UTC)

Bruce Said

Niggas start movin different during summer.
I gotta start up my own come back.

First of all, my hair. Gotta get it figured tf out.
Secondly, NEED to get an exercise routine (25's till its easy, then increase implement walks, gotta get myself goin outside somehow)
Third, I already have my priorities, like outside of exercise and that, entertainment-wise, figured out.
But other things I need to include as well are skincare routine, meal management (at least eating at the right time (school didn't allow for that since I didn't eat at school and sometimes didn't do breakfast, leading to me eating way more after and feeling fat for it even though it's literally just because I skipped two fudging meal times lmfao)) "Goth Mommy"----uhhh
right. skin, meal times, exercise, hair, sleep routine

wit the entertainment, its many many many playthroughs and i knowww i could actually just play those games but that means buying them, plus their commentary makes it that much better. think twd, ff (idk the whole series but im tryna get into it courtesy of tiktok edits (dont judge bro, they go hard sometimes)), elden ring, and whatever else i come across that Rage has played. besides games, theres anime. i honestly...it takes so long fo rme to finish series- ACTUALLY NO IT DOESNT, MHA JUST HAS HUNDREDS OF EPISODES WTH. mha is taking the life out of me, sucking the soul straight through my eyes. i dont fancy watching multiple animes at once but i literally finished two movies and a short show yesterday so i cant rly say that LMOAO
not finna name any of that because they are inappropriate in varying ways
But what would I choose? mmmmmm yeah idk, ima just try finishing mha for now (that tomodachi game thing is still a shock, kinda hurts that they didnt wait for me to finish the manga before pulling that crap out)
uh yeah. game playthroughs (AHHH I FORGOT ABT HER, MAYBE MM NAH i dont think goin over to B's house would result in that ahh yeah def not i have to find someone else play from the beginning of the series (prolly not) to the end bc jumping into it in the middle is an idea that disgusts me) and mha.

wht would it look like? Attempting to sleep during the night time and stay awake during the day...The benefits of that are being there when the family actually gets food, having family time, and being able to absorb sunlight and exercise under the sun.
woahhh im tryna get like bro here, the tat is fye too << https://youtu.be/_owskrXczo4?t=38
I guess the sleep thing would be possible if sleep weren't so boring... the aud stuff doesnt make it any easier, hmmmm

whatever. ill try twitch. i chime in with a havent you ever heard of closing the gosh dang door nooo its much better to face the- for teeth. readings first too because she said wait till 11pm. wait up to an alarm (turn on ringer, volume blast so that i wake up with a start and a near heart attack) ITS SUMMERRR MAN