Evolving marriage
2022-06-08 19:03:47 (UTC)

Average day

Dear Diary,
Only got about 4 hrs sleep last night

Woke up around 6am and knew I had to be up in an hr to run husband to physical therapy. So I laid in bed until 7 and then got up and dressed to go. I should have put on my walking clothes, but didnt think his therapy would last very long today, but now I know, when I drop him off, Ill go straight to the track and do my laps while hes at his therapy, its early so not too warm and the sun is coming up just over the mountains.

I did some watering this am, cleaned up in the house a little, made the bed, got dressed for my walk, etc.

Did my laps, was one other gal there today, she was running. Yesterday there was one guy there but he was just leaving.

Went outside and dug up all the volunteer trees growing, so so many, ugh, when we bought this place the last owners didnt do a thing with the trees and yard (other then mow) and so there were so many trees all over growing that needed to be cut down, and the good trees were so unkempt, we have had tree services out 4 times now for all day jobs getting them all in shape. Its finally looking really good and feels like we are on top of things. No more fire hazards or huge limbs on the roofs, electrical lines, dead tree branches way high in the air that could fall, etc

Made a smoothie, took a shower to rinse off from the yard work, I was dripping sweat this am, and then I soak in epsom salt and do my facia blaster. I got all my before pics now, not the best ones, but hey, if I dont I cant tell if Im seeing any progress doing this and I need some proof to see if its worth all this effort. My thighs bruise a lot, but they did before, I found a thing called lipoedema and I think its what is happening with my legs and suspect Ive had this even as a teen, its like cellulite, but I was thin, in high school, stick thing but always had a cellulite look on my thighs and stomach, its not bugged me as much until more recent and seems it was getting worse and I put 2 and 2 together doing research as my legs hurt, literally ached, my thighs, they felt heavy when hiking like I was lugging bricks on my feet. I thought it was weight gain but now I realize it was swelling in my legs. When I started keto, the pain, swelling went down a lot and the aching. I use a wave plate and a rebounder. I walk a lot, did more when I had the beach studio, used to walk every day up and down the entire boardwalk and back and down on the shore, now I only get to do that about 4 wks a yr when husband and I go stay. I have been doing the track here but got off that for a bit so now trying to get back in a routine, I have some small weights for arm workouts and resistance bands to work with also. We do have a gym here but its pricey for what it is, its all we got, and so I just opted to work out at home, lots of videos on youtube I can do on a rebounder.

Im down 9 pds since we started but havent been as strict as I was the first few mos, pretty much since the Vegas trip we havent been perfect, but we have maintained what we lost, just need to get back into gear and keep going. Ideally Id like to loose 25 pds total, Im down 9.

Husband seems in a better mood today and made some flirty eyes at me this am, Ive just tried to avoid all that as he just seemed out of sorts and didnt want to bother him. But my libido is still high, masturbating twice a day.

Listening to a new podcast as I finished the Accidental Swingers one, well Im caught up, now Im listening to We Got a Thing, another couple, but much more subdued then the last ones and more careful, etc

Hearing all these events that go in Vegas they go to, one coming up in a few wks. Sounds interesting. I admit Im curious, intrigued by it.

I should have most of my items showing up today from Amazon, just waiting on the mail and husband had ordered some cool "toys" and those should be arriving anytime now.

Have to figure out what Im going to make for dinner, I really need to make a Quiche again, guess that will be my goal after I type this and we can have that tonight.

Well guess thats it for today, my goal is to take some pics to send to an AC guy of our power to some buildings. Trying to make a to do list again each day and not put too much on it as I get over whelmed as I write so many things and just pick, so now Im making a "To do this day" type list, but have a big long running one of items I dont want to forget.