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2022-06-07 11:49:28 (UTC)

Izuku saves Eri

and the music for this part is so bad im getting goosebumps
why did they choose this song?
is it because its the dub so the sub song was better?
wth is this bro, literal chills they couldve chosen anything else and it wouldve been better
id prefer clown music at this point

why does overhaul look so crestfallen as handjob talks? something about this is really goofy
whether its the way he didn't scream (at all) as both his arms got split in half
or the fact that
if he had his quirk he could regenerate his arms but now that theyre about to use his own bullets against him, he'll be left armless
unless eri helped him
which she wouldnt
so yeah. armless man.