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me and my life
2022-05-29 08:05:05 (UTC)

life so far...

Hey Diary, It's been a while. I was procrastinating to writing finally its Sunday and I feel like writing. Life is good so far but is damn bored. So bored just nowhere to go. Yesterday I was at my lowest, I cried 5 times may be because of periods I felt like crying on almost everything.

cut to next Sunday
I'm here at mom's, I came to celebrate her birthday. Ill leave today after lunch.
again cut short. i reached at my in laws place and pheww am again here ill get bored. Yubu is in different mood it seems that he is upset with me. he hasn't called me today, he called me back when I called him. I asked him whats wrong why he looks so off since yesterday but he said nothing everything is fine. But for some reason I feel that he is upset or I donno something is wrong. feels like he is disappointed in me. Sometimes I feel he is not completely in me of course its been only 2 months that we lived together and then long distance... we are still trying to know each other.

haha again cut to Yubu just called me and he was normal... lmao am so stupid to overthink. now am off to sleep.
gnsdz love u yubu. love u mom, miss sis ans nieces